About Us

Our Mission:

To drive consistent, profitable sales growth for the company, creating value and the ability to reward employees and our community as if they were shareholders, by creating an exceptional customer experience through top of the line class in quality of people, processes, presentation, and service. We strive to exceed our motto of “Central Ohio’s Premier Concrete Contractor!” Customer experience and satisfaction is our number one goal.

Our Values:

  1. Provide optimum value to the customer with the highest quality in service and selection of the products we purchase for every project
  2. Operate with utmost integrity and fairness for the benefit of our employees, our customers, and our vendors for long term meaningful relationships
  3. Continuously improve our processes, our training, efficiency for future success
  4. Sustain profit growth without compromise to our values or our mission
  5. Invest in our local community, it’s members and programs through donated time, services, and financial support

Our Commitments:

To our Employees:

We will:

  • Regard them as a vital team member
  • Offer a relationship-driven, collaborative approach to enable
    them to achieve their goals
  • Reinvest in them through on the job-training, external development and providing opportunity to grow and promote within the company

We pledge:

  • Teamwork, mutual respect, trust, loyalty, and open communication
    in the workplace;
  • Competitive benefits and compensation;
  • Empowerment and the opportunity for personal development;
  • A safe work environment.

To our Subcontractors/Suppliers, we assure:

  • Respect, fairness, and prompt payment;
  • A team-based relationship;
  • Opportunity to succeed and to secure future work.

To our customers we promise:

  • Communication before and throughout the project life-cycle; and follow-up upon completion
  • Cleanliness and professionalism on the job-site from all employees, owners and sub-contractors
  • Proper and timely issues management and resolution
  • A safe work environment on the project at all times